EasyTouch® HealthPro™ High/Low Glucose Control Solution

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The EasyTouch® HealthPro™ High/Low Glucose Control Solution is used to determine that your EasyTouch® HealthPro™ Glucose Meter and test strips are working properly. For use with EasyTouch® HealthPro™ Glucose Test Strips (SKU: 809050) and EasyTouch® HealthPro™ Monitoring System (SKU: 809001).

Handling & Warnings:

  • Store between 46°F and 86°F (between 7.77°C and 30°C)
  • Check the expiration date on the vial before use and DO NOT USE if it is expired
  • Shake the control solution before use
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Discard 3 months after opening
  • For in vitro diagnostic use ONLY
  • For use with the EasyTouch® HealthPro™ Glucose Monitoring System and EasyTouch® HealthPro™ Glucose Test Strips ONLY

Product Use:

  • To ensure that your meter and test strips are working properly.
  • When you suspect that your meter or test strips aren’t working properly.
  • To check that you are following the correct testing procedure.
  • To prepare for your initial blood glucose test.
  • When you open and begin to use a new vial of test strips.
  • When you think your test results aren’t accurate or consistent with how you feel.
  • After your meter has been dropped, damaged, or exposed to liquids.


  • One bottle of the high solution – Level 3 (3.5ml)
  • One bottle of the low solution – Level 1 (3.5ml)


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