EasyTouch® Pressure Activated Safety Lancets

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EasyTouch® Pressure Activated Safety Lancets are easy-to-use, sterile, and also have a pressure-activated design for a safer user experience. Additionally, these diabetic lancets are made from high-quality stainless surgical steel and have a tri-bevel cut for a more comfortable experience. This Pressure Activated Safety diabetes lancing device single-use diabetic lancet is color-coded to the box.

This pressure-activated design of the diabetes lancing device simply releases the lancet when slight pressure is applied and then retracts immediately to prevent sharps injury and cross-contamination. The diabetic lancet device safely pricks the fingertip in one simple step to obtain a small amount of blood specimen for sampling.

EasyTouch® Pressure Activated Safety Lancets prevent needle stick injuries, cross-contamination, and other accidents. These Safety Lancets are used by medical professionals for capillary blood sampling and diagnostic testing and are used by individuals who test their daily blood sugars.

Features & Benefits:

  • The needle is shielded both prior to and after use
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Triple-bevel cut for a sharper point
  • No lancing device required
  • Color-coded by gauge
  • Bilingual packaging
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation

How to Use:

  • Remove the cap from the lancing device.
  • Place the open end of the lancet against the finger from which the blood sample is to obtain.
  • To stick your finger, quickly apply firm pressure to compress the diabetic lancet device.
  • Dispose of the diabetic lancet in an approved sharps container.

Color-Coded By Gauge

Each EasyTouch® Pressure Activated Safety Lancet is color-coded by gauge for easy and accurate identification. Confusion is reduced significantly by allowing customers to quickly identify their correct gauge and needle length.

21 Gauge
23 Gauge
26 Gauge
28 Gauge
30 Gauge


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