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EasyTouch® Syringe Barrels Luer Lock Barrel (Insulin)

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Quantity: 100 per box, 6 boxes per case

This product is sold in cases only; pricing is per box. You can request a quote for orders smaller than a case by clicking here.

Easy Touch LuerLock, Uni-Slip, or Sheathlock Barrels come in boxes of 100 count syringe barrels individually sealed. These barrels are safe and easy to use. Needles are sold separately, these are only the LuerLock, Uni-Slip, and Sheathlock Barrel. Easy Touch LuerLock, Uni-Slip, or Sheathlock Barrels are designed for the best quality levels. These barrels are clear for a well-defined marking. Make sure to pick your barrel connection, choose from either LuerLock, Uni-Slip, or Sheathlock.

Features & Benefits:

  • LuerLock – The barrel and the needle tips twist together for use with leak-free connections.
  • Uni-Slip – Exchangeable needle connection that simply compresses the conjunction of the male barrel head into the female needle for easy installation. Another name for this is Luer slip or slip syringe.
  • Sheathlock Safety – The accompanied Sheathlock cover is removed during use and reapplied to cover the needle head to securely lock the needle for protection against accidental pricks.
  • Fits all Luer Lock Needles
  • Luer lock hub provides a secure .connection to prevent unintentional disengagement and avoids leaks.
  • Easy-to-read barrel markings for accurate medication dosage.

Handling & Warnings:

  • Use once, destroy, and contain.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Needles are sold separately.
  • Latex-Free.

Contents Includes:

  • 100 barrels individually wrapped


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