Globe Scientific Fecal Containers

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Sold in Case of 500

Globe Scientific Fecal Containers – designed to provide the utmost convenience and reliability during stool sample collection. The 30mL Fecal Container is made from PP (polypropylene) or PS (polystyrene) material, featuring a conical bottom for added stability and self-standing capabilities.

Key Features:

Capacity: The 30mL capacity of the Fecal Container allows for ample sample collection, reducing the need for multiple containers and streamlining the process.

Secure Screwcap: The Attached Screwcap ensures a tight and leak-proof seal, preventing any sample spillage and maintaining the integrity of the specimen during transit.

Convenient Attached Spoon: With a built-in spoon, there’s no need to search for separate tools. The attached spoon simplifies the collection process and guarantees accurate measurements.

Premium PP or PS Material: Crafted from high-quality PP or PS material, our Fecal Container meets rigorous quality standards, ensuring a safe and sterile environment for your valuable samples. Cap and spoon are made from polypropylene.

Stability and Self-Standing: The conical bottom design not only enhances the container’s stability but also allows it to stand on its own, minimizing the risk of tipping over and spilling the contents.

Versatility: Our Fecal Container is suitable for various medical, laboratory, and research applications, making it a versatile and indispensable tool.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider, laboratory technician, or need to collect a stool sample for personal health monitoring, our 30mL Fecal Container with an Attached Screwcap and Spoon is the ultimate solution for your needs.


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