Globe Scientific Heavy Duty Microtube Racks

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Globe Scientific Heavy Duty Microtube Racks, a reliable solution designed to streamline sample storage in your laboratory. These racks offer a range of features and benefits to meet your needs effectively.

Constructed from reinforced polypropylene (PP), these racks are built to last. The sturdy material provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that the racks can withstand heavy use without compromising their integrity.

Autoclavable, these racks can be easily sterilized, allowing for proper sample handling and maintaining aseptic conditions. This ensures the reliability and purity of your samples throughout your experiments.

To enhance stability, the racks are equipped with rubber feet that provide a secure grip on slick surfaces. This prevents unwanted slips or accidents, promoting a safe working environment in the lab.

The numeric markings on the racks allow for easy sample identification and organization. You can conveniently label and track your samples, ensuring accurate and efficient retrieval whenever needed.

These versatile racks are designed to accommodate both 1.5 and 2.0mL microtubes, providing flexibility for various experimental requirements. Whether you’re working with different tube sizes or transitioning between projects, these racks offer compatibility and convenience.

With a 20-place capacity, these microtube racks provide ample space for your samples. You can efficiently organize and store your tubes, optimizing your workflow and saving valuable laboratory space.

The dimensions of the racks, measuring 209 x 71 x 35mm (8.25 x 2.75 x 1.4″), offer a compact and space-efficient storage solution. This ensures that the racks can fit seamlessly into your lab setup, maximizing your available workspace.

Update your laboratory with our Heavy Duty Microtube Racks and experience enhanced efficiency, durability, and organization in your sample storage processes.


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