Globe Scientific T & L Shaped Spreaders

$46.20 excl. tax


Sold by the case; Case contains 100 spreaders.

Globe Scientific disposable spreaders, providing an economical and convenient solution for spreading samples on agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. Made from durable, non-breakable polystyrene (PS), these spreaders offer safety and ease of use compared to glass alternatives.

The smooth rounded surface of the spreader’s foot ensures even spreading of liquid samples across agar plates without damaging the medium. With the L-shaped design, you can effortlessly distribute samples by simply turning the Petri dish, while the T-shape provides consistent pressure for uniform sample distribution.

Forget about the hassle of flame sterilization or autoclaving, as our spreaders are supplied sterile. Each spreader is individually packaged in presterilized pouches, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.


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