Globe Scientific Graduated Transfer Pipets

$286.60 excl. tax


Sold in a case of 5000 (10 Dispenser Boxes of 500)

Globe Scientific graduated transfer pipettes are specifically designed for precise measurements. These pipettes are equipped with molded-in graduation marks that are resistant to fading or washing off. They are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material.

When it comes to packaging, Globe Scientific offers non-sterile transfer pipettes in a practical dispenser box. This unique box is compact and perfect for bench-top use. It features a hinged front panel that allows easy and quick access to the pipettes. The panel can also be closed when not in use, ensuring the contents remain clean and protected.

Capacity: 3mL 5mL
Drops/mL: 25 25
Bulb Draw: 2.2mL 3.4mL
Total Length: 140mm 148mm
Stem Diameter: 4.4mm 4.8mm
Tip Diameter: 2.4mm 2.7mm
Graduated To: 1mL 1mL
Graduation Increments: 0.25mL 0.25mL


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