HydroLite White Foam Wound Dressing

Part Number: FOAM-WHITE-A-16

HCPCS Code: A6209

KD Healthcare Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Cork Medical Nisus® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems and Supplies

Medical providers are encouraged to inquire about how to order this product for their patients.

The Cork Medical HydroLite White Foam Wound Dressing is a sterile, absorbent, polyurethane foam wound dressing. HydroLite White Foam absorbs wound drainage, promotes a moist environment helpful to healing, and serves as a barrier against water and bacteria when used as a secondary dressing.

Indicated Uses:

  • Minor abrasions, minor lacerations, and minor scalds and burns
  • Dermal ulcers (e.g., pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, and other secreting lesions)
  • More severe lacerations, cuts, and abrasions
  • Second-degree burns
  • Donor sites
  • Other superficial wounds

Component Specs:

  • Port pad assembly comprised of soft silicone port pad, tubing, Luer connector, irrigation port, and pinch clamp.
  • 60 mL Luer lock disposable syringe without needle.
  • Each kit is single-use and housed in a Tyvek peel pouch; inner kit components are individually pouched and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Size: 3.75” (L) x 3.75” (W)


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