Motif Maternity Socks

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Motif Compression Socks are designed to expand with you during pregnancy and prevent swelling, circulation issues, and varicose veins. They can reduce discomfort in your feet and ankles, support your cardiovascular system by promoting good blood flow, and help you stay more comfortable when you’re on your feet for long periods of time. Made for pregnancy 3 – 9 months.

Features & Benefits:

Compression Level:

  • Delivers a controlled amount of pressure to promote better blood flow
  • Helps prevent swelling, discomfort, and varicose veins
  • Ultra-stretchy yarn makes socks easy to put on
  • Soft, non-restrictive comfort band
  • 20 to 30 mmHg

Manufacturing Information:

Made in the USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover Motif maternity compression garments?2023-06-21T09:42:55-04:00

Health insurance plans now cover Motif Maternity Compression Garments. However, plans may differ in the type of garments and benefits offered. 

Why wear compression socks during pregnancy?2023-02-27T18:18:17-04:00

For pregnant women who want to stay active or need to be on their feet for long periods of time, compression socks for pregnancy can provide much-needed support as your feet and leg muscles adjust to a heavier workload. Swelling (edema) in the feet and lower legs is a common discomfort among pregnant women, especially in the third trimester as blood volume increases.

When should I wear my Motif maternity compression socks?2023-02-27T18:17:43-04:00

Gradient compression socks for pregnancy deliver a graduated pressure, with the greatest pressure at the foot and ankle and the level of compression gradually decreasing on the way up the calf. The best time of day to put on compression socks is at the start of the day, before getting out of bed when swelling is minimal. Once your legs become too swollen, it can be difficult to put them on.

If you don’t frequently experience foot and leg swelling or varicose veins, you may only need to wear them when you know you’ll be on your feet for an extended period. Because Motif gradient compression socks are not as tight at the top as at the bottom, they are easy to take off at the end of the day. It’s not necessary to wear them while you sleep when your feet are level with your upper body. Compression socks can be worn throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period.

What are the Motif maternity compression socks made of?2023-02-27T18:10:40-04:00

The Motif maternity compression socks are made of a blend of Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester.

How do I put on my Motif Maternity Compression Socks?2023-02-27T18:26:54-04:00
  1. Take your hand and put it inside your sock.
  2. Grab just above the heel of the sock inside.
  3. Pull the sock back over the foot of the sock.
  4. Put the sock on your foot, starting with your toes completely into the front of the sock.
  5. Take your fingers and grasp the top and middle of the sock and pull it over your calf, all the way up to your knee.
How do I prevent common challenges?2023-02-27T18:01:37-04:00

Varicose veins, sometimes called spider veins, also occur frequently during pregnancy. In addition to being uncomfortable, these large swollen veins can increase your risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT.) DVT can be a life-threatening condition exacerbated by poor circulation that causes a blood clot. Motif maternity compression socks help by reducing the size of the blood vessels in the legs, which boosts return blood flow to the heart, preventing it from collecting in the lower extremities.

*If you are at high risk of blood clots or DVT, or if you experience extreme swelling, contact your healthcare provider.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?2023-06-21T09:41:26-04:00

To receive your garments through insurance, you do need a prescription from your doctor.

All Motif Maternity Compression Socks are also available to buy now without a prescription.


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