Nisus® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump

 Medicare HCPCS Code: E2402

Part Number: CMPP-100

KD Healthcare Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Cork Medical Nisus® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems and Supplies

Medical providers are encouraged to inquire about how to order this product for their patients.

The Cork Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump is designed to provide gentle powered suction to treat and promote wound healing by aiding in the removal of excess exudates, infectious material, and tissue debris.

The Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump is part of a complete wound care system. Two essential components that actively work together to promote wound healing are the Nisus NPWT Canisters and the Cork NPWT Wound Dressing Kit.

Nisus NPWT Pump Features:

  • Recommended for patients with chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute, and dehisced wounds,
    partial-thickness burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, flaps, and grafts.
  • FDA-approved for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home-care settings.
  • Light-weight and portable, weighing less than 2 lbs. with up to 24 hours of battery life
    (can extend to 48 hours with sleep mode).
  • Sleep feature technology allows users to dim light for longer-lasting battery life and discreetness.
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting guide for alarms such as Canister Full, Vacuum Leak, and Blockage.
  • Multiple features for clinical enhancement such as patient runtime, alarm log, lock restriction, Variable
    Intermittent and Continuous Therapy Modes.

Component Specs:

  • Nisus NPWT Pump (CMPP-100)
  • Nisus NPWT 250mL Canister (CPC-250)
  • Nisus NPWT 500mL Canister (CPC-500)
  • NPWT Wound Dressing Kit (Small – WDK-250)
  • NPWT Wound Dressing Kit (Medium – WDK-300)
  • NPWT Wound Dressing Kit (Large – WDK-400)
  • NPWT Cleanse Therapy Kit (CLEANSE-KIT-A-18)
  • Bridge Foam (NIS-BRDR-A-16)
  • HydroLite White Foam (FOAM-WHITE-A-16)
  • 24” Extension Tubing (CSP-100-ES-EXT)
  • Y-Connector (CWY-100)
  • Battery charger and carrying bag included


  • Please only use it under the advisement of a physician.
  • Carefully read all therapy and device instructions and safety information prior to use.
  • Use only Cork Medical Products components with the Nisus Touch Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System.


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