Nisus® NPWT Canisters

 Medicare HCPCS Code: A7000

Part Numbers: CPC-250 & CPC-500

KD Healthcare Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Cork Medical Nisus® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems and Supplies

Medical providers are encouraged to inquire about how to order this product for their patients.

The Nisus NPWT Canister, in conjunction with the Cork Medical Products Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump and the Cork Medical Products NPWT Wound Dressing Kit, is indicated for use in patients who would benefit from negative pressure wound therapy, particularly as the device may promote wound healing by the removal of excess exudates, infectious material, and tissue debris.

The Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump is part of a complete wound care system. Two essential components that actively work together to help promote wound healing are the Nisus NPWT Canisters and the Cork Medical Products NPWT Wound Dressing Kit.

Nisus® NPWT Canisters Features:

  • The canister latch design features a hermetic seal that can sustain pressure under variable conditions.
  • User-friendly design provides streamlined, one-handed canister release and removal.
  • State-of-the-art dam design keeps the membrane dry; preventing false canister full alarm.
  • Graduated indications on the canister aid in measuring exudate fluid.
  • Available in two (2) volume sizes: 250 mL for portability and 500 mL for larger wound drainage.
  • The canister is preassembled with a 30 in. drainage tube with clamp and male Luer for easy connection.

Component Specs:

  • Nisus NPWT Canister
    • CPC-250 (250 mL)
    • CPC-500 (500 mL)
  • Nisus NPWT Pump
    • CMPP-100
  • NPWT Wound Dressing Kit
    • WDK-250 (Small)
    • WDK-300 (Medium)
    • WDK-400 (Large)


  • Please use under the advisement of a physician and carefully read all therapy and device instructions and safety information prior to use.
  • Use only Cork Medical Products components with the Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Canisters.


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