15-20 mmHg, Solid: Black (Nylon) Leg Sleeves

$32.00 excl. tax


Made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support and aid in muscle recovery, calf sleeves are ideal for running, cycling, hiking, sports, and general exercise. Our sleeves offer moderate compression to re-energize and support your legs. We don’t recommend them for more sedentary activities like travel. Since compression sleeves stop at the top of the ankle, they’re not as effective at preventing swelling. True graduated compression socks or full tights, on the other hand, are very effective at preventing swelling and are perfect for any occasion – sitting or standing for long periods, workouts, or travel.


  • Energize legs
  • Reduce swelling
  • Alleviate achiness and heaviness
  • Aid in muscle recovery


  • Graduated compression from ankle to calf
  • Contoured leg and calf for a superior fit
  • Flexible design for extra comfort
  • Spandex throughout the leg sleeve

Compression Level:

  • 15 to 20 mmHg


  • 91% Nylon
  • 9% Spandex (Latex-Free)
Nylon 91%
Spandex 9%

Manufacturing Information:

Designed in Missoula, MT

Made in Taiwan


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